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Q : 如何確定是否刷乾淨?
Q : How to determine whether to brush clean?
A : 刷後用舌頭輕撫牙齒,若有光滑感表示乾淨。
A : After brushing, stroke the teeth with your tongue, if it feels smooth, it means clean.
Brush the bristles lightly with water, such as using a normal toothbrush to clean your teeth.

(Refer to MISOKA instructions for use)

Q : 可以用牙膏嗎?
Q : Can I use toothpaste?
A : 為了感受MISOKA獨特的光滑感,請用水刷即可。
A : In order to feel the unique smoothness of MISOKA, please brush with water.
Using toothpaste on the MISOKA toothbrush may reduce the smoothness after brushing, and the bristles cannot last for more than one month.
If you must use toothpaste, use a very small amount of brush.
Q : 多久需要更換牙刷?
Q : How often do I need to replace my toothbrush?
A : 考量衛生及刷毛的磨損度,建議一個月更換一次。
A : Considering hygiene and wear of the bristles, it is recommended to replace it once a month.

Use 3 times a day, it is recommended to replace it within 30 days.
The brand name of MISOKA comes from the ancient Japanese term misoka (New Year's Eve) which means New Year’s Eve 30.


Q : 牙刷是否有美白效果?
Q : Does the toothbrush have a whitening effect?
A : MISOKA牙刷沒有美白效果。
A : MISOKA toothbrush has no whitening effect. 
After brushing your teeth with MISOKA, minerals will adhere to the surface of the teeth to produce a water film, and the color of tea dirt and food are less likely to adhere to the surface of the teeth.
Q : 口腔氣味是否能排除?
Q : Can oral odor be eliminated?
A : 許多MISOKA愛用者都反應口臭變少了。
A : Many users who use MISOKA report that bad breath has decreased.

There are many factors that cause oral odor, such as food residues stuck between teeth and bad breath from internal organs.
The smell of food residues can be eliminated by brushing your teeth with MISOKA toothbrush.

Q : 如何選擇合適的牙刷?
Q : How to choose the suitable toothbrush? 
入門最佳選擇 → 軟毛款成人
兒童適用牙刷 → 軟毛款兒童
幼兒學刷牙好幫手  For Kids 兒童牙刷
外出輕便攜帶  → 旅行款牙刷
設計經典愛好  → THE聯名設計款
品牌精神代表作  哲學設計款
深層清潔、口腔構造複雜 V型牙醫款
The best choice for entry → MISOKA COMFORT
Toothbrush for children  MISOKA COMFORT S
A good helper for toddlers to learn to brush their teeth  MISOKA for Kids
Lightweight when going out  TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH MISOKA FOR TO&FRO
Classic design  THE TOOTHBRUSH by MISOKA
Brand Spirit Masterpiece  MISOKA ISM
Deep cleaning, complex oral structure  MISOKA V



Q : 如何購買更優惠? 
Q : How can I get discounts when I buy?
A : 長期訂閱服務方案 (半年制/一年制) 了解詳情
A :  Long-term subscription service plan (half-year / one-year) Learn more