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Return Policy

Commodity Appreciation Period

According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, there is a 7-day product appreciation period (7 days including holidays) from the time the product arrives in your hand.

The appreciation period is not a trial period. The products on the website are personal hygiene products, and there turned products must be in an unopened state. 

If you need to return the goods, please contact the customer service staff within 7 days after receiving the goods, and provide "name", "order number", "contact number", "name of returned product", "return reason and photo", etc. After receiving the information, the customer service staff will assist you to return and exchange the goods. 

※If you have received a paper invoice, please return it together with the "shopping invoice" when returning the goods.

Customer service mailbox :
Customer Service Hotline : 07-521-3062


Notice for Return and Exchange

The products sold on this website are personal hygiene products. Unless it is within the scope of the identified defects, returns will not be accepted after the transparent outer packaging is opened.

Defects identified: defect of toothbrush bristles before use, fracture of toothbrush handle (non-human factors).

(Please refer to the instruction page for usage questions, if you have other questions, please contact the customer service mailbox

The following circumstances cannot accept returns :

Product appreciation period of more than seven days.

The transparent packaging bag of the product has been opened.

The outer packaging carton is broken.

The packaging of the returned goods is damaged and incomplete, and the accessories are not complete.

Malicious or large returns.

Those who apply for returns or refunds due to personal factors, if they re-order the goods next time, they cannot request returns or refunds again.


Return Process

Contact customer service Confirm exchangeable Prepare complete products and invoices (except electronic invoices) Provide receiving time and contact information, address Return the logistics entrusted by our terminal.


Refund instructions

Credit card payer : After confirming the successful return, the payment will be directly refunded to the original credit card account of the payment.

Cash on delivery : After confirming the successful return, transfer the refund fee to the bank account you provided.

Note : The refund of bank transfer/post office draft must be refunded after deducting the handling fee (according to bank/post office regulations).

Refund calculation method

Retail purchasers :

Those who meet the above return conditions will deduct the handling fee according to the purchase price, and the fee will be returned to your account or credit card.

If the accompanying gifts have been used, the price of the gifts must be deducted before refunding. (The cost of gifts is subject to the quoted price of the customer service staff).

Toothbrush subscription plan :

If you stop ordering/unsubscribing to this product for some reason, it will be charged and deducted for matching give ways or joint sales.

The billing for giveaway or joint sales shall be based on the quoted price of the customer service staff at the time of notification of unsubscribing. The goods that have been shipped are calculated based on the original price of the product plus the shipping cost per delivery.

(If the number is negative after deducting the fee, it will not be refunded.)

  • Case

Mei orders " [One-year subscription/one-time delivery plan] MISOKA COMFORT " on February 1 ,2019. The member price is TWD 3980 + shipping TWD 0 = TWD 3980, and notice to unsubscribe on July 10 , 2019.

Refund amount = Original order amount  TWD 3980 – Giveaway fee TWD 1240 (Note 1) -Toothbrush sent TWD 2340 (Note 2) = TWD 400 

Note 1 : In this case, MISOKA Mouth Tablet (original price TWD 750) and THE TOOTHBRUSH by MISOKA (original price TWD 490) are presented, so the deduction is TWD 1,240.

Note 2 : The toothbrush has been sent 6 times from February to July, deducting the toothbrush fee and the number of shipments, so the retail price is TWD 390 x 6 times = TWD 2340